Zoo Med Philippines Expo 2022:
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Q-Mark Pet Products (Zoo Med Philippines)



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Social media creatives

Video editing

Graphic design

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Project description

Since the pandemic began, reptile conventions were unfortunately put on hold. But by the last half of 2021 Q-Mark Pet Products got an offer by the International Gamefowl festival to join their annual expo, held at the World Trade Center Philippines, which became a great opportunity to revive this much anticipated event.

In line with this, we were tasked to assist in their online promotions campaign by creating teasers, social media cards, video edits and collaborating with their exhibitors to name a few.

Besides Zoo Med, we also created materials for their various other brands such as Hikari, SERA, API and more, all of which would be present at the event.



The biggest struggle was convincing people that it’s finally alright to visit an event during a global pandemic. 

In order to overcome this, we had to constantly reiterate the safety rules that were enforced by the Pasay City Government. 

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